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Year 2002

  Patch 4 for RC3

This patch fixes a problem with 'Users' search report and a web interface glitch with editing mail resource properties and also adds a virtual FTP config republisher.

  Patch 3 for RC3

This patch accumulates all bugfixes for RC3 including those from the previous patches and the possibility to interact with Enom via HTTPS protocol.

  Patch 2 for RC3

This patch includes several bugfixes that didn't make into 2.3 RC3 public.

  KnowledgeBase Patch

All owners of 2.3 RC3 are recommended to fix problems with the KnowledgeBase suggested replies in the trouble ticket system.

  Reseller Registrar Patch

  2.3 RC3 is out!

Check out the latest features, improvements and bugfixes introduced by H-Sphere 2.3 RC3!

what's new

  8.3.3 Bind Upgrade

Upgrade your Bind to version 8.3.3.

  Template Security Patches

These patches for H-Sphere 2.2 and 2.3 correct admin CP templates to prevent access to admin data from outside the admin control panel.

  Enom Patch

A patch is available for H-Sphere 2.3 RC2 owners using Enom domain registrar.

  1.3.27 Apache Upgrade

Get yourself the latest apache security update built specifically for H-Sphere!

  2.3 RC2 Billing Patch

H-Sphere 2.3 RC2 owners are encouraged to download this patch that:

- contains a utility to check the system for reseller Summary Quota overcharges
- sends invoices to resellers when the system accrues their end customers;
- includes Webalizer/Modlogan index.html pages;
- improves Knowledgebase search;
- allows SiteStudio to use customer's real domain if their instant alias is disabled;
- loads all new messages into the Trouble Ticket system;
- fixes the "Service record doesn't belong to this DNS zone" error occurring when deleting a server alias or service DNS zone.

  AuthorizeNet Patch

Owners of H-Sphere versions 2.1 to 2.3 using Authorize.Net must download this patch which addresses two changes introduced by Authorize.Net:
1) Change of protocol which returns the error when charging users;

  Ultimate Patch for 2.3 RC2

A MUST install for ALL 2.3 RC2 owners which:
- summarizes all previous 2.3 RC2 patches and
- straightens up the previous patch for 2.3 RC2 (sets off tugged plan creation wizards)

  Winbox FrontPage Security Patch

A high severity security hole with FrontPage Server Extensions v5.0 for Windows and IIS FTP server has been recently discovered. H-Sphere owners using these servers please upgrade winbox software and patch existing accounts.

  Reseller Traffic Patch for 2.2

Patch that fixes reseller traffic problem is available for users of H-Sphere 2.2.

  Patch for H-Sphere 2.3 RC2 is available for installation.

This patch introduces the following bugfixes and improvements to 2.3 RC2:
- fixed end user e-mail notifications (warning emails about overlimit disk usage are not sent in plans with disabled disk usage);
- a tool to disable Disk Usage for all hosting plans;
- mail system improvements (escaping special symbols);
- SqWebMail NAT support;
- fixed count of accounts awaiting moderation on the admin's quick access page;
- stability improvements related to reseller Disk Usage Report;
- fixed procedure of charging end users through changed AuthorizeNet protocol;
- unique ID generation for each charge through PayPal.

  H-Sphere 2.3RC2 is out.

This candidate introduces a number of patches for bugs found in 2.3RC1:
- Incorrectly designed check procedure for TLD-registrar correspondence removed;
- Problem with editing default domain registration prices fixed;
- Disk usage readings in the user control panel fixed;
- Problems with changing registrar domain owner info removed;
- Mailing list trailer problem fixed;
- Spellchecker problem with Netscape 4.xx fixed;
- Transaction amount format in PayPal corrected;
- Now users can't set their traffic limit higher than the MAX value set in the plan;
- Database disk usage collector now checks if mysql and postgresql are installed on the server;
- Resellers can't now set annual domain registration prices if corresponding prices haven't been set by master admin;
- Domain registration price page doesn't show in plan wizards if domain registrar feature hasn't been included on the first step;
- Wholesale domain registration prices are shown for comparison in resellers' plan wizards;
- phpBB, osCommerce and mnoGoSearch resources are not created in demo plans.

  Apache Vulnerability Patch

Patch available for apache vulnerability bug.

  H-Sphere 2.1 non-English support

For the attention of hosting providers using H-Sphere 2.1 with non-English language support.

  H-Sphere 2.3RC1 released.

This version contains variety of new features, such as improved and enhanced Customer Support Center, online payments, wide range of new reports and essential bugfixes.

Read the details in the Latest Features Reference.

  IMAP Upgrade

A new version of IMAP which is fully compatible with H-Sphere released

  SSL Vulnerability Patch

Patch available for OpenSSL security hole.

  Trouble Ticket Security Patch

H-Sphere 2.2 users are encouraged to install the patch that fixes the security issue in H-Sphere 2.2 Trouble Ticket System

  H-Sphere 2.2 Final released.

This version introduces several bugfixes and stability improvements as well as enhanced suspend feature for resellers and support for Portuguese.

Read the details in the Latest Features Reference.

  H-Sphere 2.2RC2 is out.

With 2.2RC2 you get the security update for MySQL and valuable minor bugfixes.
Read the details in the Latest Features Reference.

  H-Sphere 2.2RC1 is out.

Although this release candidate mainly includes bugfixes and minor improvements, it also brings support for third-party packages as ASPSecured and ASP Net. Besides, you can now add descriptions for your customers' bank credit card statements, send newsletters in HTML format, configure FrontPage mail settings in Windows accounts, and more.

Read the details in the Latest Features Reference.

  H-Sphere 2.1 released.

This version adds multiple skin support for user control panel and many other features and improvements, such as support for IMP webmail, PSiGate, PayReady, Urchin, e-mail invoicing management, automatic signup moderation rules, friendly invoice format, improved reseller branding and much, much more!
Read the details in the Latest Features Reference.

  H-Sphere 2.09.7 released.

- Users' home directories can now be removed even if they contain files owned by root
- Custom MX records can now be added with 0 priority
- Payment warning added for DNS Custom records
- Several bugs fixed in the "Estimated balance exhaustion date" report
- Internal problem with adding duplicate domains resolved
- NullPointerException on removing osCommerce resource fixed
- "Resource xxxxxx_9 does not have parent" error fixed
- "SSH connection restoring in backend died" error fixed
- rewritten to work without using temp files (true IPC)
- Plan downgrade procedure fixed for quotas with float values

  H-Sphere 2.09.6 released.

Features and Improvements:
- SecurePay merchant gateway support
- Possibility to Suspend/Resume all popboxes (for reading/sending mail)
- Possibility to set a redirect for the whole site
- Possibility to set a redirect for URLs with parameters
- Redirect to non-http locations in Apache made available (https, ftp)
- User allowed to remove/add custom wildcard DNS A-record
- Possibility to reset credit limit to default value for all accounts in one go
- Estimated balance exhaustion date report
Click here to read about these features in the documentation.

- Possible deadlock on simultaneous resources modification on one AAccount fixed
- osCommerce minor bugs fixed
- SiteStudio resource initial creator fixed (caused increase of credit limit for all accounts with credit limit in plan)
- Timeout for remote boxes operation increased (to 5 min from 2 min)
- Spawn of multiple processes on non-dedicated CP box installs fixed

  H-Sphere 2.09.5 released.

Features and Improvements:
- SiteStudio made a separate resource
- SSH Connection Pool improved
- New interface languages support: Italian, Spanish, French, Dutch
- Mass Action added to TT search result page
- Possibility to apply specific action (close/delete/assign to) to a selected TT range
- Trouble Tickets autoassign feature (closing new TTs allowed)
- DB operation speed improved
- osCommerce support for Windows & Unix
- Go to the search result page directly from TT
- Subscribers list cached for 5 min (Mailing List)
- Traffic usage report cached every 15 min
- "Required"service resources introduced (unavailable for disabling/enabling)
- Priority added to ResourceType to avoid NPI after Change IP feature (IP always removed last, after DNS zone)
- FrontPage properties edit feature (MailSender, MailReplyTo)
- Possibility to edit Moderated users' properties
Click here to read about these features in the documentation.

- Tech Support Admin deletion fixed
- Number of simultaneous SSH connection per host fixed, connection made persistent
- Sync problem in AdmDNSZone & AdmManager fixed (list of zones is a static list, grouped by reseller)
- Bug causing "Domain already exists" & "Zone already exists" messages fixed

  SiteStudio 1.54b is out.
It includes:
-Several new design layouts
-The possibility to resize images in the user gallery
-Uploading sounds
-Several minor bugfixes.

  H-Sphere 2.09 released.

Features and Improvements:
- Support of ePDQ, Bibit, and PayAndShop Merchant Gateways
- Input localization support (including DB-part support for Postgres)
- External referral program support (Affiliate Program option)
- Advanced Mass Mail customization
- Automated resource upgrade after changing the plan
- Reducing your bandwidth load through Throttle Module
- Automated user notification on approaching traffic limit and disk quota, automated account suspension
- Support for Win web statistics analysis system
- Viewing Mail Traffic
- Address Verification Service support for VeriSign Payflow Pro
- Creating a custom Directory Index for individual websites
- Server Side Imagemap support
- 'Restore pre-installed scripts to default' option
- Independent closing of Trouble Tickets by admins and users
- Increase of accounting speed
- Validation and local currency support
- Better navigation through large subscribers lists (100 subscribers per page)
- Mail suspension during account suspension
- DNS record duplicate check
Click here to read about these features in the documentation.

- Recurrent resellers billing fixed
- Reseller deletion corrected
- Limiting Dedicated IP usage in Reseller Plans
- Resellers' protocol set to HTTP by default

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