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Year 2001

22 Nov 2001  H-Sphere 2.08 released.

The new features include:
- Reseller DNS aliases
- Printable version of user's invoice
- Limiting the use of system resources by user's cgi scripts
- Choice of contact or billing e-mail address for mass mail
- Showing user billing and contact info for active and deleted accounts
- Adding custom credit card brands
- Moderated signup for credit card accounts
- Disabling signup for check users
- Redirecting suspended websites to predefined pages
- Billing balance option now has an export feature
- User e-mail notification on every single credit card charge
- User e-mail notification on exceeding disk and traffic limits
- User e-mail notification after domain transfer
- Overlimit traffic and MySQL/PGSQL fees are now charged once a month
- The billing date can now be changed for each individual user
Click here to read about these features in the documentation.

- Storing Localization/currency settings has been corrected
- Bounced mail loops in the trouble ticket system are now detected
- Problem with more than 100 mailboxes has been fixed
- Unconfigured credit card brands excluded from user's choice
- Several bugs fixed in billing for the reseller module
- Overall stability has been improved
- Other minor bugs fixed

02 Nov 2001  Zip of the User Guide updated.
The updated version has a script to replace psoft e-mail with yours. Download it here.

22 Oct 2001  H-Sphere 2.07 released.

The new functionalities include:
- Shared SSL Certificate support
- Scheduling user's tasks on Unix web servers (Crontab support)
- Improved sub-ftp support with access mediation
- Client shell access support with admin's request authorization
- PostgreSQL hosting support
- Account traffic report for the user interface
- Multilingual support for the Control Panel Interface
- Locale changes by hosting providers and resellers
- Improved Quick Access page
- Detalization of traffic in the user interface
- Extended set of Mailing List options
- Instant Invoice via email

The following significant bugs were fixed:
- Quota Resize on plan downgrade
- Windows SSL certificate request
- Bandwith calculation

18 Oct 2001  SiteStudio Installation Policy Changes.

Positive Software will stop free SiteStudio installation services for the next 30 days. It will not affect customers currently awaiting installation. Beginning Monday 22nd, our customers can have SiteStudio installed at the $75 fee or they can install the demo version themselves (distributions available here). During these 30 days we will improve the installation procedure and add several new options to SiteStudio.

05 Oct 2001  New SiteStudio Trial Installation.
SiteStudio NT and *nix trials now come in a new installation, which is very simple to setup and configure. The distributions include Jakarta Tomcat as a standalone server. The trials are downloadable here.

04 Oct 2001  H-Sphere User Guide Available for Download.
Hosting Service providers can now download a zip of the H-Sphere User Guide to put on their sites.

01 Oct 2001  H-Sphere Forum opened.
Positive Software Corporation has opened a discussion forum for H-Sphere and SiteStudio. The forum is moderated by Positive Software staff. The address of the forum is

28 Sep 2001  H-Sphere 1.5 Demo Site closed.
Beginning September 28, 2001, the site will no longer be available. As of this day, Positive Software will cease any sales of H-Sphere 1.5.

17 Sep 2001  SiteStudio 1.52 is out.
It includes two new design layouts and several minor bugfixes, including the generation of thumbnails for animation gifs.

14 Sep 2001  H-Sphere 2.06 released.
The new features include:
- Online context help in the user panel
- MS SQL hosting support
- Registration of user sites with major search engines
- FTP access by multiple users in shared IP accounts
- LinkPoint and Paradata payment gateway support
- Improved mail system with multiple forwards/autoresponders/aliases per mailbox

13 Sep 2001  Admin interface (beta) created for SiteStudio.
It allows to create and manage SiteStudio users from any computer with a browser and internet connection.

09 Aug 2001  H-Sphere 2.05 release now available.
This new version features a series of improvements and new features, including:
- Reseller / Private Label solution (click here for details)
- preinstalled scripts: GuestBook, Chat, Forum (BBS), Counter
- domain stacking
- URL redirection
- Network Troubleshooter (reverse Traceroute tool)
- mail forwarding to multiple recipients
- Paradata Merchant Gateway
- improved interface for all reports
- bug fixes in Free and Max units for uncountable resources
To take a look at the H-Sphere 2.05 demo, click here.

25 Jul 2001  Jakarta Tomcat Installation Manual page added to the site.
The manual explains how to install Jakarta Tomcat with SSL support on the H-Sphere 2.0 server.

16 Jul 2001  H-Sphere 2.05 beta is out.
This beta includes the Private Label/Reseller module - an ultimate branding solution which totally automates both wholesale and reseller services while providing for your utter transparency as the underlying hosting company. Resellers will now get a fully functional isolated admin interface that gives an easy way to:
- customize look and feel, including company info, the logos and the colors;
- create custom plans and custom pricing;
- track users and accounts;
- provide tech support to customers;
- set up automatic credit card processing;
- sales interface.
Resellers get this all without caring about hardware configuration and scalability issues.
H-Sphere 2.0.5 has a complete billing system that charges resellers based on the number of resources used by their customers.

12 Jul 2001  New partnership offers.
Positive Software announces new partnership programs. For details click here.

06 Jul 2001  H-Sphere 2.0 Installation Request page added to the site.
The page lists the information we need to know to install H-Sphere 2.0 on your server. Click here to go to the Installation Request page.

20 Jun 2001  SiteStudio 1.51 release now available.
The interface has been improved. Now it became more intuitive and user-friendly. Click here to go to the download page.

18 Jun 2001  H-Sphere 2.0 is finally out.
H-Sphere 2.0 is an enterprise level web hosting control panel. It includes centralized multiserver control, support for Linux, BSD and Win2000, domain registration, database hosting, complete DNS and mail server management, billing and provisioning system, as well as a trouble ticket system.

18 Jun 2001  SiteStudio pricing changed.
Now SiteStudio can now be purchased at $150 per 100 users license.

15 Jun 2001  SiteStudio plugins improved.
The Guestbook and WebPoll SiteStudio plugins were improved to work under any DBMS, for example MySQL. Before this, they could work only under PostgreSQL.

11 Jun 2001  SiteStudio 1.5 available.
This new version of SiteStudio has a number of new templates, as well as improved design and layout for all templates. Several bugs were removed. Support for 3rd party control panels was added.

01 May 2001  12 new designs created for the SiteStudio Small Business category.
Now the Small Business category has 16 design layouts and still new are being created to be included into the further SiteStudio releases.

10 Apr 2001  SiteStudio design layout concept changed.
Several conceptually new style layouts have been added to SiteStudio. Using them, you can now create web pages with even more professional and individual look. More layouts complying with the new standard are being created to be included into further SiteStudio releases.

10 Mar 2001  Small Business category added to SiteStudio.
Small Business category allows you to create a site for your business as easily as never before.

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