Hsphere Control Panel Hosting

A web hosting control panel that provides complete hosting automation, is easy to use, has extensive user interface, billing solution, brandable resellers, and integrated trouble ticket system. H-Sphere is a multiplatform solution supporting Linux, FreeBSD and Winand offering one interface for managing these different platforms. It is scalable to any number of boxes - more web servers, mail servers, database servers, and DNS servers can be added without any downtime.  more on H-sphere...


Cpplus - web server management tool

A web tool for remote administration of dedicated servers on most Linux & FreeBSD operation systems, apache 1.x & 2.x. CP+ offers a user friendly interface for Admin, Domain Owner and End User levels and complete functionality to manage the server and its components. Users don't need to remember a long list of console commands with complex syntax and valid parameter values. All major system management tasks are now presented as icons providing a single entry point from which to perform a task.  more on Cpplus...


Free Linux-based software implementing virtual servers technology, a cost-effective and resource-saving solution that runs virtually isolated full-featured standalone Linux servers on one host box. FreeVPS provides memory, traffic and disk limits, disk user/group quota, multiple IPs, private network interfaces, iptables support, complete root access, integration with H-Sphere.  more on FreeVPS hosting...

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