H-Sphere Mail System hsphere-mail2-all-5 Update

hsphere-mail2-all-5 is an update to the H-Sphere mail system. This version introduces the following features, updates and fixes:


  • Introduced ClamAV 0.74 upgrade
  • Implemented Spamd & Clamd started and monitored by the (DJB daemontools) supervise utility, which ensures their reliable performance. The hsphere-daemontools-0.76-1 RPM is built to be installed separately during the hsphere-mail2-all-5 upgrade.
  • Added ability to choose which actions will be taken against spam/infected messages:
    • delete;
    • mark subject;
    • forward on to the predefined box.
  • Fixed and included outgoing IP patch again.
  • Moved AntiSpam BlackList from the SpamAssassin level to the smtp session level
  • Added ability to enable Spamd and Clamd mail filtering for all mail resources in the system by one click in the admin panel
  • Added ability to enable spam/virus filtering for all mail resources under one account or domain in the user panel


  • Inconsistencies in catchall and valid domain resources;
  • Date representation in clamdmail;
  • Simplifying work with domain aliases (especially useful and important for spamd).

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