hsphere-daemontools-0.76 Installation

H-Sphere daemontools is a package built on the basis of DJB daemontools. It should be installed with hsphere-mail2-all-x, as the antispam and antivirus modules run under the daemontools' supervise utility that starts and monitors these services to ensure their reliable work.

Download and install the hsphere-daemontools-0.76-1 package:

  1. Download H-Sphere daemontools installation:
    where OSCODE is the code of the operating system, e.g.:
      RH72 for RedHat 7.2,
      RH73 for RedHat 7.3,
      RHES for RedHat Enterprise Server,
      RHES3 for RedHat Enterprise Server 3,
      RHAS for RedHat Advanced Server,
      FBSD4 for all FreeBSD updates.
    ext is the package extension:
      rpm for Linux,
      tgz for FreeBSD.
  2. Install daemontools:
    rpm -ivh hsphere-daemontools-0.76-1.rpm
    pkg_add hsphere-daemontools-0.76-1.tgz

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