EasyApp Collection Updates

EasyApp Collection Updates

EasyApps Collection package consists of over 20 PHP/MySQL applications, such as Blogs, CMS&Portals, Forums, E-Commerce etc. Install the package and make the set of applications available to your users as a resource.



(H-Sphere 2.4.3 RC 2 and up)

This critical update

  • contains upgrades and security fixes for the following applications:
    • Mambo
    • b2evolution
    • Coppermine Photo Gallery 1.3.3
    • phpMyChat 0.4.15
    • SugarSale 3.0.1
    • helpCenterLive 2.0.0
    • phpESP 1.7.2
    • CubeCart 2.0.7
    • phpCoin 1.2.2
    • phpAdsNew 2.0.4-pr2
    • SiteBar 3.3.3
    • Xoops 2.0.10
    • phpMyFAQ 1.4.8
    • CS Live Helper 2.12.1
  • fixes minor bugs in the EasyApp engine.



(H-Sphere 2.4.3 RC 2 and up)

Fixes bugs with some applications that couldn't be installed. phpwiki is still to be fixed in H-Sphere 2.5 that will include php dba.



(H-Sphere 2.4.3 RC 2 and up)

Contains new vtiger application and upgrades for some applications.



(H-Sphere 2.4.3 RC 1 and up)

Contains updated PhpBB, new e107 application, and some upgrades with security fixes.



(H-Sphere 2.4.3 Beta 2 and up)

Adds PHPprojekt and upgrades some applications to newer versions.

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