Qmail 1.03 Update

This document explains how to update your mail servers with expanded Qmail configuration parameters and patches outlined here.

This update also contains a fix of lame crash in qmail-smtpd.

The current Qmail implementation is fully supported from HS version 2.4, with a separate form in Control Panel to configure Qmail parameters. However, if you are running H-Sphere 2.3.x, this update will also allow you to apply these Qmail addons, but in this case all configuration should be done manually according to Qmail Configuration guide.

Note: If you have already upgraded Qmail according to the instruction below, please make sure you have the latest version of the H-Sphere mail package installed. For this, log into your mail server(s) as root and type in:

For RedHat:
rpm -qa | grep mail

For FreeBSD:
pkg_info | grep mail

If your package is not hsphere-mail-all-7, you need to repeat Qmail upgrade procedure as specified below.

The update procedure is performed on CP server and updates all mail servers automatically.

  1. Log into your control panel server as root:
    su -
  2. Download the Qmail package from the psoft site:
  3. Unpack the archive:
    tar -zxf u-hsmail.tgz
  4. Enter the unpacked directory:
    cd u-hsmail
  5. Run the update:
    sh update.sh

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