Upgrading H-Sphere Winboxes to 2.3.2 Patch 4


This guide instructs how to upgrade H-Sphere Windows software from 2.2 or later to 2.3.2 Patch 4.

Note: this update fixes problem with Webshell 3 related to Update issued by Microsoft.


  • Make sure your H-Sphere Windows module has version 2.2 or later:
    Open the [Disk]:\\hsphere\scripts\Conf.inc file to see if it contains the //////PHPbb///// parameter.
    If it doesn't, your H-Sphere Windows module is older than 2.2 and needs an update to version 2.2.
  • Make sure your Control Panel has been updated to 2.3.2 Patch 1.


  1. Run the file you have downloaded (HSInst232P4.exe).
  2. Inform about the upgrade. This is required so you can get appropriate support from psoft.


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