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DNS servers can be moved only to Linux/Unix boxes. You can't move DNS to a Windows platform.

  1. Prepare a new box with DNS using H-Sphere installer.
  2. Using E.Manager, create a new physical server and add the DNS server group (or add this group to the physical server you are planing to move DNS server to).
  3. Stop the Control Panel.
  4. Move all IPs selected from H-Sphere database (with flags 5 and 6) to the new server. This means that you need to remove these IPs from the network interface on the old DNS server, /etc/named.conf ("Listen on" directive) and /hsphere/local/network/ips files, and set them on new server (on network interface, /etc/named.conf and /hsphere/local/network/ips files);
  5. Perform this step ONLY if you are running two DNS servers on one box and are separating them. This must be done on the source server.
    In H-Sphere 2.4 and up, go to the directory /hsphere/shared/scripts/MultiDNS/ and copy its contents one level higher overwriting the target files:
    # cd /hsphere/shared/scripts/MultiDNS/
    # cp ./* ../
    In H-Sphere older than 2.4, this directory doesn't exist, so you need to download, unpack and change permissions to these files:
    # cd /hsphere/shared/scripts/
    # tar zxf MultiDNS.tgz
    # cp ./MultiDNS/* ./
    # ./
  6. Move DNS data. You can choose between two possibilities: physical move or recreation of DNS zones.

    - Physical move:
    1) move the /hsphere/local/var/named directory from old DNS server to the new server;
    2) change the ownership of moved files to named:named:
      chown -R named:named /hsphere/local/var/named
    3) on the rest of DNS servers, for slave zones which had masters set to the old DNS server IP, change it to the new DNS server IP (using SED or any other method);
    4) restart named.
    - DNS recreation tool:
    1) log into your CP server as the cpanel user.
    2) execute the following command (it may take a while if you have many DNS zones):
    java -m db -dz
  7. Start the Control Panel.
  8. Change the IP in A DNS record for the DNS server in the service DNS zone (using the Control Panel).

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