DNS Creator

H-Sphere 2.4 and higher


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DNS Creator is a utility that re-creates DNS data to new DNS servers. Use this utility to republish DNS data to a different box or add an extra DNS server.

To create DNS:

  1. Log into your control panel server as the cpanel user.
  2. Run DNS Creator:
  3. java psoft.hsphere.tools.DNSCreator -m creation_method [-dz] [-z zonename]
    -m  creation method. Possible values: db or rand
       db   - pick NS servers as they are defined in the H-Sphere database
       rand   - pick NS servers randomly
    -dz|--delete_zones   - delete zones first. Add this option only if such zones already exist. With this option, DNS creation will take at least twice more time.
    -lids|--logical-servers  - process zones which are on the logical servers with the specified IDs.
    -pip|--pServerIP  - specifies a physical server by its primary IP. All necessary logical server IDs are chosen automatically. Often -pip is used as an alternative to -lids.
    -z|--zone   - recreate only one specified zone. Without this option, all zones will be recreated.
    Note: If both lids and -z parameters are specified, the -z parameter will be ignored.

Note: If you are adding an extra DNS server, specify -m rand or else this new DNS server will be available only for new signups.

Please be patient. If you have hundreds of domains, this utility might take hours to execute.

Related Docs:   Moving DNS

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