IP Migration Request

To change H-Sphere IPs by yourself, please see the IP migration manual.

Alternatively, we are offering remote IP migration by the Psoft team.

Hours. Migrations are performed on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 3:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. EST. Migrations are not performed on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

Requirements. Make sure you have applied the latest patch for this version.

Procedure. The migration will:
- change H-Sphere physical, logical, and system IPs
- update IPs in H-Sphere database
- change IPs in the system files except network startup configuration
- update IP dependent resources such as apache, FTP and DNS

Downtime. IP migration requires CP downtime throughout all the migration process. For other services, the downtime must not exceed 20 minutes per each if both old and new IPs are accessible from the web. If you are moving services or IPs between physical boxes, the downtime will depend on the nearest router's ARP cache. We recommend that you stay with the organization that services the router (e.g. NOC) so you can promptly clear ARP cache for the migrated IPs. If the old IPs become inaccessible, the downtime depends on DNS propagation and can be as long as 36 hours.


Cautions for web servers.

Check if any of the customer scripts use the IP address. Note all uses to update them right after the migration.
  1. CP URL
  2. The list of IPs to be changed in plain text format:

    For example:

    This list must include resellers and resellers DNS IPs. Please create a separate list for Unix based and Windows based services. The IPs must be accessible from the Internet and the control panel server.
  3. The new IP and netmask to be installed as the main server IP. Make sure to change to this new IP address before we begin the migration.
  4. Preferred migration time. The migration will cause H-Sphere CP down time that depends on the number of accounts and domains in the system and the number of IPs being changed. This must be scheduled not earlier than in 48 hours after submitting the migration request. It is also highly advisable that you stay available during the migration process.
  5. Custom packages and settings. Specify if you have custom webmail, urchin, merchant gateways with additional configuration requirements, miva etc. Custom software migration costs $25/hour on top of other migration fees.
  6. Any other helpful information applicable to your particular situation.

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