Patch 1 For H-Sphere 2.3 RC4

Patch 1 For RC4

This patch is only for H-Sphere build 2.3.318. Further builds starting with 2.3.319 and subsequent patches will include these fixes.

This patch:

  • fixes SystemInfo overload;
  • fixes number localization problems with registrar prices, reseller prices and credit limit in plan wizards;
  • provides a correct directory for Virtual FTP + VFTP anonymous in the ftp config file;
  • adds descriptions to exported bill entries;
  • fixes TT Autoclose Cron looping.

To install the patch:

  1. Log into your control panel server as root.
  2. Unpack the patch:
         tar -zxf RC4PATCH1.tgz
  3. Change dir to where you have unpacked the patch:
         cd RC4PATCH1
  4. Type 'make install' to install the patch.
  5. Restart Control Panel (see here for instructions).

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