H-Sphere Mail Service


hsphere-mail-service-3-1 is the next generation of H-Sphere mail system. Starting with H-Sphere 2.4.3, mail service packages are named hsphere-mail-service-3-xx.

hsphere-mail-service-3-1 features the following improvements and updates:

  • SPF and SRS
  • RulesDuJour - SpamAssassin addon script to automatically updates SpamAssassin's custom rules
  • Enhanced functionality of the post/preinstall scripts.
  • Fixed the issue with customization of the bounce messages.
  • Fixed the issue with logging data of the rblsmptpd utility via syslog.
  • Implemented storing of the AWL and Bayes settings for SpamAssassin (SA) during the update.
  • Added required perl modules for correct work of the RelayCountry SpamAssassin's plugin.
  • Set Unix MySQL socket in DNS configuration in the local.cf SA configuration file

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