H-Sphere Linux/FreeBSD Packages H-Sphere MySQL Config Updates



Improvements and fixes:

  • MySQL servers have predefined socket location set in /etc/my.cnf conf file.
  • Updated DBD::mysql driver

More on MySQL server predifined socket location



Improvements and fixes:

  • Essential changes in /etc/my.cnf file configuration, which increase the effectiveness of MySQL service.
  • Optimized MySQL server restart/status check.



This is the initial package version which provides H-Sphere specific post MySQL service configuration:

  • sets important mysql parameters in the global /etc/my.cnf file
  • adds /hsphere/local/config/mysql/scripts/manage_mysql_logs task, which backups mysql database and rotates log-error, log-update, log-slow-queries mysql logs.
  • moves mysql socket in a more secure location, DATDIR/mysql.socket.

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