Upgrading Winbox to 2.095


IMPORTANT: Proceed to upgrading your H-Sphere Windows servers to version 2.095 only when you have upgraded your CP server (Upgrading H-Sphere).

Instructions on upgrading Windows servers to version 2.095:

1. Open conf.inc *

* conf.inc is placed in <hsdir>\scripts\conf.inc
where <hsdir> is a path where H-Sphere is installed on the WinBox, usually it would be C:\hsphere

2. Find the following section:

/////////////////////////////////////////// global constants ///////////////////////////////////////////

3. Go to the end of this section and add the following lines:

// SMTP server
SMTP = "localhost"

//Release old IPs
CronReleaseIPs = 0

where "localhost" is your H-Sphere SMTP server's IP.

4. Go to the end of the conf.inc file and in case your H-Sphere resides on disc C: enter the following lines:

/////////////////////////////////////////// OSCommerce ////////////////////////////////////////////////
// Path to WebShop skeleton
OSCommerceSkeleton = "C:\\HSphere\\skeleton\\OsCommerce"

in case your H-Sphere resides on disc D: it would be:

OSCommerceSkeleton = "D:\\HSphere\\skeleton\\OsCommerce"

4. Save the changes in conf.inc

6. Execute HSInst.exe

NOTE: if you got the Fail to copy the directories error message, which means some of the directories were being used while the upgrade, run the HSInst.exe again.

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