Updating Virtual Private Server for H-Sphere 2.3.1 Patch 4


This procedure should be performed only for vserver build 1056256121 (H-Sphere 2.3.1 RC 2).

  1. Check the VPS build:
    # cat /proc/vservers/setup | grep "vserver build"
    You will get something like this:
    vserver build 1056256121
    If your vserver build is less than 1056256121, please update your kernel, steps 1 to 9.
  2. Check the Virtual Private Server tools version:
    # rpm -qa|grep hsphere-vps
    You will see something similar to:
  3. Suspend all VPS before the server reboot:
    # cd /hsphere/shared/scripts
    # ./vps-suspend.pl -a
  4. Uninstall old VPS tools:
    # rpm -e hsphere-vps-x.xx-xx
    where x.xx-xx is the old VPS version and release number.
  5. Install the latest VPS package:
    # rpm -ivh hsphere-vps-0.98-35.noarch.rpm
  6. Run update script:
    # cd /hsphere/shared/scripts/
    # ./vps-update.pl
  7. Run configuration script:
    # ./vps-configure.pl
    and follow the script instructions step by step.
  8. Resume suspended VPS:
    # cd /hsphere/shared/scripts
    # ./vps-resume.pl <vps_name>

    where <vps_name> is a suspended VPS server name.
    To resume all suspended VPS servers, run:
    # ./vps-resume.pl --all

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