VPS Network Configuration


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Since H-Sphere virtual private servers are logically separate boxes, their network interfaces must be configured identically to separate boxes in your H-Sphere cluster. Even though the main server has only one physical network adapter, the kernel emulates separate logical network adapters for each virtual private server. Hence, it is NOT correct to treat VPS IPs as aliases to the main server IP.

Interaction with the main server. Logically separate, the main server and virtual private servers don't communicate with each other directly or interact any differently from regular servers. Virtual private servers don't know anything about their 'parent', they don't even know about their virtual nature!

Configuring IPs. VPS IPs are set up automatically and are registered in the settings of the virtual private servers, not the main server. DON'T configure virtual private server IPs in the main server settings.

Adding or Changing IPs. VPS IPs or netmasks can be added or changed only through the Control Panel. This can't be done by editing the settings of the virtual private servers.

VPS Gateway. Virtual private servers should use the gateway of the main server only if they belong to its subnet. If placed in different subnets, they must be given different gateways.

Related Docs:   VPS Installation VPS Scripts • FreeVPS Docs

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