Adding Directories for User Homes


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In the default H-Sphere configuration, user homes are located in /hsphere/local/home. In some situations, you may want to add more directories for user homes, for instance:

  • You need to add a new hard drive. In this case you must mount the new HDD partition next to the existing home directory:
  • You have web and Unix RealServer running on the same box, but would like to keep their user homes in different directories. In this case you must create a directory for RealServer user homes:

You can't add directories for user homes outside /hsphere/local/ subtree, because this is where apache suexec is configured to run users' cgi scripts.

To add a directory for user homes:

  1. In your admin cp, select L.Servers in the E.MANAGER menu.
  2. Select the server you've added the directory for, and at the bottom of the page that appears enter the name of the new directory.

As a result of this procedure, old user homes will remain functional in their old location, and new user homes will be created in the new directory regardless of the plan.

Related Docs:   Moving User Homes on Winbox

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