Changing Postgres User Password


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Changing the password for the postgres user (pgsql in FreeBSD) differs depending on the version of PostgreSQL installed. To check the version, type under root:

# psql --version

PostgreSQL 7.4.7 is used in the latest versions of H-Sphere for both the H-Sphere system database and user databases. However, earlier versions of H-Sphere use even Postgres 7.1.

For security reasons we recommend upgrading your PostgreSQL servers to:

PostgreSQL 7.1

  1. Log in:
    - as postgres in RedHat:
    # su - postgres
    - as pgsql in FreeBSD:
    # su - pgsql

  2. Run:
    $ pg_passwd data/passwd
    Then, enter username (postgres or pgsql) and a new password when prompted.
    Usernames and passwords are stored in the data/passwd file of the postgres / pgsql user's home directory.

PostgreSQL 7.3 and up

The postgres/pgsql password is changed in the PostgreSQL service database. This is a more secure way than having the passwords stored in a file. Run under root:

In RedHat:

psql -d template1 -U postgres (enter the template1 service database)
alter user postgres with password 'postgres_password'; (run query to change the password)
In FreeBSD:
psql -d template1 -U pgsql
alter user pgsql with password 'pgsql_password';

Restart Postgres to apply changes.

Related Docs:   The System H-Sphere Database PostgreSQL Server

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