H-Sphere Perl Modules

(version 2.5 and higher)


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In version 2.5 and up, all necessary Perl modules to be used by H-Sphere on supported OS are installed from a single package hsphere-perl-x-x.

There is no need to update H-Sphere Perl modules by yourself, as when Perl version is updated/downgraded, the /hsphere/local/config/perl/hspmod.switch utility is used to switch Perl to a proper H-Sphere Perl modules version.
hspmod.switch has the following syntax:

hspmod.switch { -l | -v perl_version }
-l lists all possible H-Sphere perl module versions you may switch to.
-v switches to the modules of proper perl_version, which must be specified in 0-9.0-9.0-9 format.

The modules for both native OS perl and currently stable perl (versions 5.8.7 and 5.8.8) are included into the latest perl package update.

The following Perl modules are installed to /hsphere/shared/lib/perl5/ or /hsphere/shared/lib/perl5/site_perl:
  • Authen-PAM-0.15
  • Crypt-PasswdMD5-1.3
  • DBI-1.48
  • DBD-mysql-3.0002
  • DBD-Pg-1.43
  • Digest-SHA1-2.10
  • Digest-HMAC-1.01
  • Net-IP-1.23
  • Digest-MD5-2.33
  • Data-ShowTable-3.3
  • HTML-Parser-3.45
  • HTML-Tagset-3.04
  • MD5-2.03
  • MIME-Base64-3.05
  • Test-Simple-0.60
  • Net-DNS-0.53
  • URI-1.35
  • Passwd-1.2
  • Quota-1.5.1
  • libnet-1.19
  • libwww-perl-5.803
  • ParallelUserAgent-2.57
  • DB_File-1.808
  • File-Spec-0.87
  • Digest-1.10
  • PodParser-1.26
  • Storable-2.13
  • Geography-Countries-1.4
  • IP-Country-2.18
  • Net_SSLeay.pm-1.25
  • IO-Socket-SSL-0.97
  • Net-Ident-1.20
  • Crypt-OpenSSL-Bignum-0.03
  • Crypt-OpenSSL-RSA-0.22
  • Mail-DomainKeys-0.21
  • Time-HiRes-1.73
  • IO-Interface-0.98
The above mentioned modules are installed with hsphere-perl and required for proper H-Sphere work. If you need other system Perl modules, you should install them by yourself.

Related Docs:   Upgrading Perl Modules H-Sphere Perl Package Updates

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