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MnoGoSearch is a web search engine that searches your site by keywords. It can run on both intranet and Internet pages. MnoGoSearch is installed into H-Sphere from a single package hsphere-mnogosearch-<mnogosearch_version>-<package_build>, where <mnogosearch_version> is MnoGoSearch version, and <package_build> is this package's build number. Please refer to H-Sphere mnoGoSearch Updates for the latest version of hsphere-mnogosearch package.

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What's new in hsphere-mnogosearch package in H-Sphere 2.5

hsphere-mnogosearch-x.x.x package underwent significant changes in H-Sphere 2.5:

  • Changed the structure of tables and database. Now the indexer creates the tables in database.
  • Removed Perl frontend. Instead mnogosearch-php-frontend-3.2.11 is included.
  • Added ability to create several entry points on one server.
  • Old mnogosearch databases are not supported anymore.

For the proper work of mnoGoSearch, you will also need the file ~httpd/conf/mnogosearch.conf that assigns domains but is not included in the package hsphere-mnogosearch-x.x.x


MnoGoSearch configuration scripts

  • mnogosearch-init script is used to enable/disable mnoGoSearch.


    mnogosearch-init [ -f homedir ] [ -u login ] [ -g group ] [ -d domain ] [ -l dblogin ] [ -p dbpasswd ] [ -t dbhost ] [ -n dbname ] [ -a user_action ]


    • homedir - user home directory
    • login - user name
    • group - the group to which the user belongs
    • domain - domain name
    • dblogin - mnoGoSearch database login
    • dbpasswd - mnoGoSearch database password
    • dbhost - mnoGoSearch database host
    • dbname - mnoGoSearch database name
    • user_action - 'set' parameter adds mnoGoSearch, 'drop' removes

    When mnoGoSearch is being enabled, this script:

    • creates for the domain folder /user_homedir/mnogosearch/domain_name where it places the files indexer.conf and search.htm. A user can configure these files to customize indexer and frontend.
    • in the folder /user_homedir/domain_name, creates the folder fe_mnogosearch where it places PHP-frontend. Now, the mnoGoSearch can be found at
    • creates the table structures by running:
      /hsphere/shared/mnogosearch/sbin/indexer -Ecreate user_homedir/mnogosearch/domain_name/indexer.conf
    • performs indexing.

    When mnoGoSearch is being disabled, the mnogosearch-init script removes all the custom settings.

  • mnogosearch-set script is used to add/remove startup links from the server.


    mnogosearch-set [ -a | -r ] [ -d domain ] [ -u URL ]


    • -a - adds startup URL
    • -r - removes existing entering URL
    • domain - domain for which these changes are done
    • URL - URL which is to be added or removed

    This script is executed when the startup link in the field "Add new mnoGoSearch URL" is submitted. It adds/removes the startup URLs into/from the file user_homedir/mnogosearch/domain_name/indexer.conf


mnoGoSearch frontend

Starting with H-Sphere 2.5, MnoGoSearch frontend written in Perl is replaced with PHP-based frontend.

Related Docs:   Web Server Configuration

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