H-Sphere 2.4 Installation


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Step 1. Download

Now that you have prepared the servers, you can start the installation. At this step, you will download the install.

  1. untar/ungzip the hsinst24.tgz archive:
    # tar xfz ./hsinst24.tgz
    and cd into the installation directory:
    # cd hsinst


Step 2. Configuration

At this step, you will create configuration files.

  1. If your current H-Sphere hasn't been installed with the 2.4 installer, collect your current H-Sphere configuration:
    # ./import
    Skip this step if you are installing H-Sphere for the first time.
  2. Launch the configuration wizard to enter installation data:
    # ./configure
  3. Follow the wizard to provide configuration data. Make sure to specify real SMTP server IP in the web and cp server configuration. In most cases this is the IP of your future mail server. The mail service must have all relays configured properly. Note that SingleDNS must be selected only when one DNS server is present in system. In SingleDNS configuration, usual DNS is required too.


Step 3. Preparing H-Sphere

Once you have completed the configuration wizard, type

make build
to compile H-Sphere. This will:
  1. create hsphere directory if it doesn't exist;
  2. generate all config files;
  3. remove old version of H-Sphere, if it's installed;
  4. generate ssh keys and places them to all servers. You'll need to enter root password to each server;
  5. upload install to all servers;
  6. create hsphere directory on each server;
  7. export all passwords to /root/hsphere.info.txt.


Step 4. Installing H-Sphere

Log into each server as root and execute:

cd /hsphere/install
make install
In multiserver installation, Control Panel server must be installed the last, as it includes configuration of other servers in H-Sphere cluster. Otherwise, CP will be installed incorrectly!

To install H-Sphere without SiteStudio, execute:

make hs-install
instead of
make install
If you decide to add SiteStudio, log into your control panel server and execute:
make ss-install

If you have chosen to setup your web server without or separately from the mail server, you need to install (if not installed) and configure an MTA (Mail Transport Agent) such as sendmail to ensure the performance of formmail scripts.

For more details, check with the README file that comes with the installation.


Post-Installation Note

When the installation is finished, H-Sphere Control Panel will be available at
The current version of H-Sphere comes with SiteStudio, which requires XFree86 Virtual Framebuffer installed. H-Sphere installer checks for missing XFree86 libs and packages and sets them up if they are missing. If you have a custom version of XFree86 (different from the one included into your OS distribution), you need to install XFree86 Virtual Framebuffer manually and execute make install again on the control panel server.

H-Sphere install program doesn't set up missing service IPs. You should set them up manually.

After H-Sphere is installed, it includes two accounts which may not be deleted:

  1. the admin account (login: admin, password: admin) to configure system settings. It is very highly recommended to change the password of the admin account after the installation and testing have been completed.
  2. the wwwuser account to manage the control panel domain, which is also used by the other servers of the system. More..

Related Docs:   Post Installation Manual

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