Control Panel Server Migration


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By server migration we mean moving applications and data from one server to another while keeping old IPs for the new server.

We highly recommend performing the CP server migration only if you have practical experience with Unix-based systems.
We won't be responsible for the results of migration. If you want us to fix something after you performed migration, it will cost you $25 per hour.

It is not recommended to erase data on the old server in case you forget to move something or if you need any data from the old server. It is safer to shut down the old server after you check the functionality upon migration.

To perform Control Panel server migration:

  1. Install H-Sphere Control Panel software on the target server (make sure to use the same H-Sphere version that is running on the source server).
    Note: If your source server is also running Site Studio, make sure to install Site Studio on the target server as well.
  2. Stop Control Panel on the source server.
  3. Move the following directories to the new server:

  4. Directory Files
    /var/lib/pgsql (Linux)  |  /var/db/pgsql (FreeBSD)
    H-Sphere configuration and properties files
    SiteStudio configuration and properties files
    Apache configuration and properties files
    Control Panel icons and images
    Custom Control Panel templates
    SiteStudio user data
    H-Sphere and SiteStudio system databases and database settings *
    H-Sphere knowledge bases
    Trouble Ticket system attachments

    * Before moving postgresql directory, make sure to:

    1. Stop postgresql service on the source and target servers.
    2. Dump H-Sphere and Site Studio databases on the source server and then restore them on the target server. Use our documentation for more info.

    Note: if you have the same postgresql version on the source and target server, move this directory without dumping.

    Alternatively, use rsync to move necessary data to the new server:

    rsync -arlpogvzt -e ssh $login@$ip:$folder $folder      if you are using rsync on the target server
    rsync -arlpogvzt -e ssh $folder $login@$ip:$folder      if you are using rsync on the source server
    Note: $login usually is root.
  5. Switch IPs between the old and new servers.
  6. To find main server IP in Linux, go to:


    To find main server IP in FreeBSD, go to:


    Also, please make sure that main server IPs are excluded from the /hsphere/local/network/IPs file (corresponding IP on the corresponding server).

  7. Prevent the startup of Control Panel service on the source server on reboot:
  8. For Linux, run:

    chkconfig --level2345 httpdcp off

    For FreeBSD, run:

    chmod 000 /usr/local/etc/rc.d/
  9. Reboot both servers and the router. Router reboot is needed to clear ARP cache. You can also do it using other methods.
  10. Check the Control Panel functionality.

If you want to perform Server/IP migration, skip steps 4-6 and follow the instruction on Changing IPs instead.

Related Docs:   Upgrading System Postgres

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