Bind 9.3


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This document outlines some peculiarities of Bind 9.3 in comparison with Bind 8.x.


New Features

  • Bind 9.3 is started/stopped/restarted via hsphere-daemontools-0.76-1, the package built on the basis of DJB daemontools. This package is included into H-Sphere installation and is used with the H-Sphere mail service package.
  • ndc restart is no longer supported.



Since Bind 9.3, the Daemon Tools' svc utility is called in the named daemon to stop, start and restart.

The procedure of stopping/starting/restarting named remains the same. However, you may use Bind stop/start/restart using svc as an alternative:

Enter the /service directory:

cd /service

This directory is used by daemontools and contains symlinks to standard service directories.

  • To stop Bind, run:

    /command/svc -kd named

  • To start Bind, run:

    /command/svc -u named

This sequence is equivalent to restarting named.


Using rndc

Bind includes a utility called rndc which allows you to use command line statements to administer the named daemon, locally, or remotely.

Managing DNS Zones

1) To reload a DNS zone:

rndc reload <ZONE>

2) To reload all DNS zones:

rndc reload

After that, only changed zones will be reloaded.

3) To suspend updates to a dynamic zone:

rndc freeze <ZONE>

4) To enable updates to a frozen dynamic zone and reload it:

rndc thaw <ZONE>

Run rndc for more options.

rndc Config File


If rndc is unable to connect to named, check the /etc/rndc.conf and /etc/named.conf. For details on rndc configuration, run:


It is strongly unrecommended to manually edit the configuration files, as it may lead to misconfiguration in dynamic zone updates!

Related Docs:   DNS Server Configuration

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