H-Sphere VPS is installed and upgraded separately from H-Sphere, and therefore VPS installation/upgrade does not require H-Sphere upgrade.


H-Sphere VPS 1.4-1    (Install | Upgrade)

IMPORTANT: H-Sphere VPS 1.4-1 requires H-Sphere 2.5 Beta 1 and up!

New Features:


  • the "fakeinit" flag added into virtual server config to allow server reboot/halt from inside VPS interface.


H-Sphere VPS 1.3-6.7    (Install | Upgrade)

New Features:

  • Added possibility to migrate virtual server not only by VPS name, but by its virtual context number either.
  • Changed home directory mode of virtual servers into 755, so that it gives non-privileged users possibility to list / directory content inside VPS.
  • Implemented usage of RPM-GPG-KEY public key of installed into host rpm package for virtual servers package signature checking.


  • CP+ version 2.5.4-2 included into all supported operating system templates
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux Release 3 templates updated with Update 5 packages
  • CentOS templates updated with Release 3.5 (Final) packages
  • White Box Enterprise Linux release 3.0 templates updated with Liberation Respin 2 packages


  • Restored /etc/rc6.d/S*reboot scriplet, which was deleted in older H-Sphere VPS versions, to give virtual server inside reboot/down ability
  • Changed functions script full filename in VPS startup script, so that it is compatible with other Linux operating systems
  • Improved Linux release file determination in VPS startup script, so that it is compatible with other Linux operating systems
  • Set ONBOOT option of virtual server network interfaces configuration into yes for all new servers created
  • Removed GATEWAY parameter from virtual server network interface configuration. GATEWAY is configured only in common network configuration (file: /etc/sysconfig/network)


H-Sphere VPS 1.3-6.6    (Install | Upgrade)

New Feature: VPS server's IP migration tool added.


  • CP+ 2.5 included into all supported operating system templates
  • RedHat Enterprise Linux Release 3, CentOS 3.x, and White Box Enterprise Linux Release 3.0 templates updated with latest available packages.

Bugfix: networking management fixed for stopped/suspended Virtual Server(s).


H-Sphere VPS 1.3-6.5    (Upgrade | FreeVPS 1.4 )


  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux Release 3 template packages updated to Taroon Update 5
  • template packages updated for supported Enterprise Linux compatible operating systems (CentOS3 and WBEL3)
  • VPS quota tools package updated for all supported operating systems. The new VPS quota package is based on Enterprise Linux Release 3 quota 3.10-4 package
  • CentOS distribution downloads updated due to CentOS website migration


H-Sphere VPS 1.3-6.4    (Upgrade | FreeVPS 1.4)

New Features:

  • Implemented CPU Hard Limit, summary usage for all CPU's available on the VPS host server, in %. CPU Hard Limit cannot exceed 100.
  • Implemented CPU Guaranteed Limit, the assured CPU usage by a virtual server, in %. CPU Guaranteed Limit for each virtual server, as well as the sum of all VPS CPU Guaranteed Limits, cannot exceed 100.
  • Added the CAP_SYS_BOOT capability to enable reboot from inside a virtual server
  • Added mechanism to complete unfinished VPS creation skipping what has been already done
  • Included CP+ version 2.4.1
  • Updated templates for all supported operating systems (RH73, RHAS3, RHES3, RHWS3, WBEL3, CentOS3) with the latest packages list
  • Implemented VPS scripts that are not yet realized in H-Sphere interface:
  • Note: For more information on a script, run:

    <script_name> --help


  • Used template/packages removing via vserver_ctl --exec instead of rpm --root to prevent pre/post uninstall package scriplets run on host system
  • Enabled VPS local filesystem quota check on the fix cron
  • Set all known virtual server limits for the created VPS (not only posted by H-Sphere)
  • Added support for NFS directories in the get free disk space function
  • Installed Kernel Log Daemon


H-Sphere VPS 1.3-5    (Upgrade | FreeVPS 1.3)

This version updates all available template packages for the following operating systems:

- Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS/ES/WS (update 4);
- CentOS release 3.4 (final);
- White Box Enterprise Linux release 3.0 (Liberation Respin 1).


H-Sphere VPS 1.3-4    (Upgrade | FreeVPS 1.3)

This version is based on FreeVPS kernel 1.3-6 and FreeVPS tools 1.3-9 and provides support for White Box Enterprise Linux 3.


Improved the locking mechanism that prevents H-Sphere VPS crons from running simultaneously.


H-Sphere VPS 1.3-3    (Upgrade | FreeVPS 1.3)

This version has a cron to fix incorrect FreeVPS disk usage reports.


H-Sphere VPS 1.3-2    (Upgrade | FreeVPS 1.3)

We introduce H-Sphere VPS 1.3-2 working on the FreeVPS kernel 1.3-5 and up, and FreeVPS tools 1.3-3 and up.

Features and Fixes:

1) VPS removal script rewritten.
2) Updated all available template packages for all supported OS:
- Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS/ES/WS release 3 (Taroon Update 3); - CentOS release 3.3 (final); - Red Hat Linux release 7.3 (Valhalla) updated with latest "legacy" packages.


H-Sphere VPS 1.2-4    (Upgrade | FreeVPS 1.2)

We introduce H-Sphere VPS 1.2-4 working on the new FreeVPS kernel 1.2-31 and FreeVPS tools 1.2-6.

Features and Fixes:

1) CP+ template is available for installation on any VPS server to provide advanced and easy-to-use Web interface for VPS management.

Note: You can obtain CP+ licenses for VPS at one half of regular license price per virtual server! So, if you purchase, for instance, 5 CP+ server licenses, you can use them for up to 10 VPS servers.

2) All OS templates updated to install the latest Red Hat Enterprise Linux release 3 (Update 2), CentOS release 3.1 (Update 2), and the latest updated packages for Red Hat Linux release 7.3.
3) New proftpd, rh-postgresql-server, mysql-server packages included into VPS installation if they are absent in basic Red Hat Enterprise Linux release 3, CentOS release 3.1 and Red Hat Linux release 7.3 distributives;
4) Implemented creation of /etc/localtime to set the same time zone on virtual servers as on the host;
5) Changed the /sbin/klogd kernel logger tool location to /bin/true in order not to execute it on VPS start/stop. Kernel logging is not implemented on VPS.
6) Added more URLs for CentOS 3 and RedHat 7.3 updates;
7) Updated template instalation/removal procedure;
8) Implemented logical procedure for locking crons to avoid running multiple instances of the same cron.


H-Sphere VPS 1.2-2    (Upgrade | FreeVPS 1.2)


1) Support for Linux CentOS release 3 provided.
More info is available on the FreeVPS site.

2) The up2date package fetching mechanism using Red Hat Network implemented for registered Enterprise Linux 3 users.

It is required that you are registered on Red Hat Network and the up2date utility is installed on your box.
For other suppored operation systems (Red Hat Linux release 7.3 and CentOS release 3.1), FTP package download links are provided. You can also set your own URLs to download packages from.

It is still possible to copy your Linux distribution packages to your new VPS box from distribution media. In this case it is not required to fetch packages, you sipmly specify package location on a VPS box while running VPS configuration script.


H-Sphere VPS 1.2    (Upgrade | FreeVPS 1.2)


1) RedHat Enterprise Linux 3.0 platform is now supported. Now we support RedHat 7.3 and RedHat EL 3.0.
2) Memory calculation algorithm is rewritten. Now it takes into account physically allocated memory, not virtually allocated memory as for VPS 1.1.
3) Virtual Network Device Driver with internal configurable Traffic Shaper.
4) Network stack implemented: two-level fully separate routing enhances productivity and diminishes possible errors.
5) Fully separate BSD process accounting implemented.
6) New FreeVPS Tools v1.2 is released with the new vifconfig configuration tool and some extra utilities.
7) VPS templates are implemented to configure packages on VPSs.
8) H-Sphere VPS scripts are updated to keep up with new VPS features.


1) The problem with mounting the host's NFS resources inside VPS fixed;
2) The problem with assigning by means of ifconfig an IP address with a mask different from;
3) The problem with quota inside VPSs fixed.


H-Sphere VPS 1.1    (Upgrade | FreeVPS 1.1)


1) New "virtual root" - unbreakable "jail" for virtual servers to improve VPS reliability;
2) Support for mounting inside VPS (nfs, smbfs filesystems);
- NFS shared directories (specified in /etc/exports) on VPS host server cannot be mounted on virtual servers;
- sharing NFS directories is not supported on virtual servers;

3) Completely separate sockets to improve network performance;
4) New limits on tcp established connections and bind ports.
5) Support for up to 16 virtual ethernet devices per VPS, and up to 16 IPs per each virtual ethernet device;
6) Groups/lists of packages for additional services/tools:
- gcc - cc and gcc GNU compilers;
- http - Web server;
- MySQL, PostgreSQL - database servers;
- php - HTML-embedded scripting language;
- sendmail - Mail Transport Agent;
- up2date - The RedHat Update Agent;
- samba - to allow access of SMB shares.
7) Wizards for custom package groups/lists.
8) Tools to install packages to VPS(s).


1) Kernel deadlock on ext3 filesystem on high system load;
2) Quota inode statistics.


1) In this version of FreeVPS kernel, it is not recommended to decrease Memory Limit without restarting VPS. Decreasing memory limits "on the fly" reduces new processes not being started. So you need to stop/suspend VPS, decrease Memory Limit, start VPS (resume if suspended);
2) It is recommended to turn off Memory Limit (set Memory Limit to 0) in VPS with high load. Then you will be able to run processes that require a lot of virtual memory (for example, Java processes);

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