Placing Resellers on Separate Boxes


This document explains how to configure your control panel so user homes under one reseller are created on a separate physical server:

Step 1: Go to E.Manager -> Server Groups and create new server groups for each type that will be created on this reseller's box:

Usually, this would be a web server, sometimes a MySQL, PostgreSQL, or RealMedia server. Make sure not to create separate DNS server groups. When added, server groups will show up in the numbered list.

Step 2: Go to E.Manager -> P.Servers. Click the target physical server. At the bottom of the page that appears, select a group you have created to add to this physical server:

and click the Submit button. The name of the group will appear in the Group field. Repeat this procedure for each of the new server groups.

Step 3: Go to E.Manager -> L.Servers and click Add Logical Server. Fill out the form that appears to add a logical server to a new server group:

More on logical servers

Step 4: On the Logical Server settings page, add the IPs that you want to use for accounts registered on this logical server.

Step 5: In the upper part of the same Logical Server settings page, turn on Available for signup.

Step 6: Repeat steps 3, 4 and 5 to add one logical server to each new server group.

Mind, these settings will not affect existing end user accounts. Only new accounts will be created on the designated server.

Step 8: If the reseller account hasn't been created yet, go to INFO -> Plans and enable signup for this plan. Then go to Signup and create the reseller account.

Step 9: Go to INFO -> Plans and turn this reseller plan OFF for other signups.

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