Migrating Individual cPanel Accounts to H-Sphere

(H-Sphere 2.5 RC 2 and up)

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Starting with H-Sphere 2.5 RC 2 you can migrate individual user cPanel accounts into H-Sphere.


Preparing for Migration

Prior to importing a cPanel account into H-Sphere, prepare for migration.

  1. Create an archive of this account using the cPanel backup utility.
  2. Save the archive to your ftp server.
  3. If your user wants to have similar account options and prices that were available under cPanel, have your user choose what H-Sphere plan he wants to be signed up for.
    If no plan meets the requirements, you may need to create a new plan for this user with all options needed.
  4. Create MIGRATION_DIR in hsphere.properties. This directory is used to store a migration backup file from the ftp server during migration


  1. It is not possible to migrate parked domains!
  2. If you migrate mailing list subscribers, make sure the mailman package must be installed on the CP server, because mailing list info is stored in binary mailman format. If mailman isn't installed, mailing list subscribers will not be migrated.

Migration Procedure

To migrate a cPanel account into H-Sphere:

  1. Go to User Imports in the E.Manager menu.
  2. Click cPanel User Import Wizard:
  3. Fill in the page that appears:
    • FTP Server where account archive is stored
    • FTP Login and Password: your FTP server access data
    • Path to cPanel backup file: enter location of the archive
    • User name, password - give name and password to the new H-Sphere account
    • Plan: choose the Unix plan for signup
    • Billing Period: choose from available in the plan
    • Start Date: initial billing date for the newly created account.
  4. Click Submit.
    This will initiate a new migration job which appears under Current jobs.
  5. Click the job link to see its status. When the job has been completed, it will show Done or Error on top of page.

Billing Issues

Once user is migrated, H-Sphere creates an account with check payment billing type enabled by default.

You can view user's Billing Statement to see the account balance. If you entered the necessary amount for Balance in the General section during migration, account balance will show it.

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