How to update SiteStudio to 1.8


For the owners of H-Sphere-integrated SiteStudio: you can upgrade it only with H-Sphere update that includes new version of SiteStudio.

If you have decided to download and update SiteStudio yourself, do the following to perform the update:

  1. Download the update script (if you haven't done it before).
  2. Apply the update:

    For SiteStudio on Linux:

    1. Go to SiteStudio directory.
    2. Stop your SiteStudio ./ stop
    3. Run the script: sh ./ . (Please pay attention: there is a dot (.) separated by a space at the end of line!)
    4. Resetup SiteStudio: sh ./ setup
    5. Only if you're updating from version 1.6 or below:

    6. Download the websites data convertion script into SiteStudio dir:
    7. Run the script: sh ./

    Note: The script must be started under the account your SiteStudio is run under.

  3. After that run SiteStudio again.

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