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Site Studio 1.6RC3 represents series of new features making this site builder even more simple and user-friendly. Updating to RC3 will enrich your Site Studio with:

  1. Advanced full screen text/HTML Rich Editor (for Internet Explorer users only)

    Rich Editor is a multi-function SiteStudio tool, available only for Internet Exporer users, that provides a number of features for creating and editing pages. It empowers SiteStudio users to work with formatting, styles, tables, bullets and more and will remind you of MS Word, OpenOffice or other text and document editors. Rich editor is available in SiteStudio on any page with the input box and can be most successfully used on the Generic page.

    • Rich Editor allows to copy and paste the most complex tables from a web browser or from any Office applications. You can also insert the table manually (by right-clicking the mouse button on the rich editor page) and configure it due to your requirements.
    • You can copy and paste any webpage you like, edit it and publish it on your site. However images should rather be uploaded by SIteStudio than copied by rich editor.

    • With rich editor you can also change table options: number of rows, columns and table colors:
    • Rich editor allows to add images anywhere you want by clicking the corresponding button:

  2. New version of Image Uploader

    New Image Uploader has improved interface and allows to upload up to 5 images at once. It also allows to switch between admin and user gallery and provides gallery options.

  3. Multiple admins (resellers) for the stand-alone version
  4. If before Site Studio could have only one admin to manage users, starting with RC3 stand-alone Site Studio version admin can create users and add multiple resellers. While as resellers can create and manage their own users and, thus, they become admins to their users. Resellers in SiteStudio have many features peculiar to admins: they can add, delete, search users and etc.

  5. Website recovery after URL change by clicking Refresh Images
  6. Since RC3, when you change your website URL, for instance, during content move under H-Sphere, you can fix broken images by clicking Refresh Images.

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