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SiteStudio 1.7 New Features Reference

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Site Studio 1.7 represents series of new features making this site builder even more simple and user-friendly. Updating to 1.7 will enrich your Site Studio with:

  1. Series of New designs in Business and Personal Categories

    SiteStudio 1.7 Final introduces 19 new designs in both Business and Personal categories. Business category was enhanced with website layouts for the following online ventures: Traveler, Composer, Skiing, Transportations, Dating Agency, Restaurant, Photo Heading. All of them are presented in Old and New styles.

  2. Added Slideshow and Photo Player Flash Pages

    SiteStudio 1.7 introduces new flash pages: SlideShow and Photo Player.

    The Photo Player Flash page is a great tool for viewing images in a photo player mode. It can also show the playlist of all images on the player.

    The Slideshow Flash page is a great tool for viewing images in a slideshow mode. This page is available both in Business and Personal categories.

  3. Added Support for RTL languages and UTF-8 Encoding

    In SiteStudio 1.7 and higher, users can create websites in RTL languages, e.g. arabic.

  4. Rich Editor Now Available in Mozilla Browsers (Including FireFox)
  6. Improved Contact Us, Survey and Custom pages
  7. Since 1.7 SiteStudio users can set From, Reply-to and Email Subject fields, set Submit/Reset button labels.

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