H-Sphere Package Updater for H-Sphere 2.4.3 Branch

(since H-Sphere 2.4.3 Patch 11)

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Before running the updater, please update Apache, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and mail service packages and run some other possible security patches. See for latest available versions.

Starting with 2.4.3 Patch 11, some third party packages are updated separately of the H-Sphere update script by means of the special updater. Here is the list of these packages:

  • some packages already present for 2.4.3 branch:
    • hsphere-bind
    • hsphere-ftp
    • hsphere-rsync
    • hsphere-sudo
    • hsphere-webshell
  • some third party packages that in earlier 2.4.3 versions had been updated as tarballs and were first introduced as packages in H-Sphere 2.5:
    • hsphere-awstats
    • hsphere-oscommerce
    • hsphere-phpBB
    • hsphere-phpmyadmin
    • hsphere-phppgadmin
  • packages introduced in H-Sphere 2.5 and up and required by latest hsphere-webshell:
    • hsphere-perl
    • hsphere-utils

Important: These packages are now excluded from the list of packages automatically updated by H-Sphere 2.4.3 update script. You should run this package updater to update them. See the package updater's changelog for the latest updates.

To run the package updater:

  1. Log into CP server as root.

  2. Download the latest package updater using wget under Linux and fetch under FreeBSD.

  3. Untar the package updater:

    tar xfz pkgupdates-hs243-x.tar.gz

    where x is the package updater's version.

  4. Enter the directory with the package updater:

    cd pkgupdates-hs243-x

  5. Run the update script:
    Format extened for update since pkgupdates-hs243-2 and up.

    sh update [ help | private | list | [[ only | exclude ]{ package1_name, package2_name, ... }]]


  • help - dislpay this help massage;
  • private - use packages list for private update;
  • list - list of all the packages included in chosen update;
  • only - update only specified packages (default);
  • exclude - skip the specified packages from the update packages list;
  • For example, to exclude hsphere-utils from the update, execute:

sh update exclude hsphere-utils

Related Docs:   Latest H-Sphere *nix Packages (2.4+) Package Updater ChangeLog H-Sphere Updater (2.5+)

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