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This package includes a set of utilities widely used by H-Sphere. There are two reasons for creating this package:

  • these utilities are not necessarily included into all OSs.
  • there are slight differences in the functionality of the utilities in different releases.


Under Private Testing

(FreeBSD 7.0 only)

Improvements and Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with quota overusage reported in FreeBSD 7.0.


30 Jul 2007

Improvements and Fixes

  • Added script which helps to add system user with User/Group ID less than 500 for all supported OS

Released with System Packages Update.


24 Apr 2007

Improvements and Fixes

Released with System Packages Update.


08 Feb 2007

Improvements and Fixes

  • Changed setquota utility for FreeBSD boxes to get/set quota in the case of NFS shared Linux storage
  • Added /hsphere/shared/bin/clrproctitle script which clears readproctitle buffer of supervised processes
  • Included strace utility, required by hsphere-jaill (to come with HSphere 3.1)

Released with H-Sphere 3.0 RC 4.


16 Nov 2006

Improvements and Fixes

Released with H-Sphere System Packages Update.


29 Aug 2006

Improvements and Fixes

  • Added setquota and getquota system utils QuotaTools for correct quota operation on NFS partiotions.
  • Added realpath utility for use in H-Sphere scripts. It returns the real path (without any intermediate "..", "." and links) to the file specified as command line parameter or sent to stdin

Released with H-Sphere System Packages Update.


20 Jun 2006

Improvements and Fixes

  • Modifications in logrotation conversion script.

Released with H-Sphere 2.5 Patch 2.

25 Apr 2006

Improvements and Fixes

  • Added new log file converters:
    • httpdconf-converter.pl
    • logformat-converter.pl
  • Improved previous converters:
    • oldlogrotateconfig-converter.pl
    • oldlogfileformat-converter.pl


13 March 2006

Fixes and Improvements:

  • Used sources that fix security problems in unzip on FreeBSDs.


19 Jan 2006

This is the initial package version which includes the following software:

  • psmisc, that contains process manage utilities on your system
  • unzip, used to list, test, or extract files from a zip archive
  • zip, that is a compression and a file packaging utility
  • logrotate, the logrotate utility
  • lsof, which stands for LiSt Open Files and lists information about files that are open and running on a UNIX system

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