H-Sphere Linux/FreeBSD Packages Info Updates


19 Jun 2008


Improvements and fixes:

  • Package updated to enable support for FreeBSD 6.3

Released with H-Sphere 3.1.


19 Sep 2007


Improvements and fixes:

  • Added manage-service (ms) script, a wrapper for H-Sphere related service management (XML mode is used in HS 3.1+)

Released with H-Sphere System Packages Update.


30 Jul 2007


Improvements and fixes:

  • Changes related to XML output for hspackages utility
  • Getting correspondence between shared IP an corresponding service zone if Shared SSL enabled

Released with H-Sphere System Packages Update.


20 Jun 2007


Improvements and fixes:

  • Changes related to XML output for hspackages utility (for HS 3.1.0 and up).

Released with H-Sphere System Packages Update and H-Sphere 3.0 Patch 2


24 Apr 2007


Improvements and fixes:

  • Included support for RHES5 and RHES5_64
  • Changes in hspackages scripts related to deprecated packages

Released with System Packages Update


01 Mar 2007


Improvements and fixes:

  • Improved hsinfo to work on slave boxes of load balancing scheme
  • XML output mode for hspackages script (for H-Sphere 3.1.0 and up)

Released with System Packages Update


23 Nov 2006


Improvements and fixes:

  • Added outgoing and bouncing IP types to the list of understandable by hsinfo utility
  • Added comparison of package version via pkgversion utility in hspackages script

hsphere-info-1-4 is included into H-Sphere 2.5 Patch 7.


21 Sep 2006


Improvements and fixes:

Released with H-Sphere 2.5 Patch 5


05 Jun 2006


Improvements and fixes:

  • utility format extended (reserved for future use):
    • understands HS cluster configuration when some logical servers are before NAT and other ones are behind
    • shows additional options for logical server configuration (for future use to provide different scheme for phpMyAdmin, phpPgAdmin and horde configurations
  • added /hsphere/shared/scripts/scron/ftp-restart.pl cron script, if used in the corresponding HS build
  • added pkgversioncheck utility
  • fixed minor bugs


13 March 2006


This package includes improvements to support load balancing in the new 2.5 H-Sphere branch.

Improvements and fixes:

  • extended functionality to check and parse /hsphere/local/config/httpd/sites/map_table.txt file (the latter is used for slave web boxes in the load balancing scheme).
  • fixed behaviour of the /hsphere/shared/bin/fstabctl utility in case of NFS partition.


19 Jan 2006


This is the initial package version. Read on hsphere-info functionality.

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