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SiteStudio 1.7RC1   

  • Added RTL languages support
  • Added 9 new designs
  • Added Flash photo player and album
  • Fixed Marquee feature for Mozilla-family browsers. Added new Marquee settings
  • Fixed Special Effects for Mozilla-family browsers
  • Improved the 'Contact Us','Survey' and 'Custom' pages. Now users can set the FROM: and REPLY-TO fields for emails from these pages, and test the pages without publishing them
  • Improved ImageMaker caching strategy
  • Fixed License counting for gone users in Admin panel
  • Added UTF-8 support
  • Fixed Load/Save site feature: site names now can use special chars (like %, #, $, space)
  • Fixed Images Upload: file/dir names now can use special chars (like %, #, $, space)
  • Fixed minor issues with localization ability
  • Added support for java 1.5.x

SiteStudio 1.6 Patch 2
(for SiteStudio 1.6 Final and higher)

Note: H-Sphere owners will get SiteStudio updated with H-Sphere 2.4.2 Patch 5.

  • Included SiteStudio 1.6 Security Update
  • Improved ImageMaker caching strategy
  • Made a series of minor bugfixes in different templates and Rich Editor

SiteStudio 1.6 Security Update    (Update Instructions)

Do not update from SiteStudio 1.6RC3 or earlier versions, only from SiteStudio 1.6 Final or 1.6 Patch 1.

This security update for SiteStudio 1.6 Final and 1.6 Patch 1 fixes XSS vulnerability in SiteStudio guest book.


SiteStudio 1.6 Patch 1    (Update Instructions)

  • This patch is recommended for the owners of SiteStudio 1.6 Final.
  • If you request SiteStudio 1.6 installation or download 1.6 Final after August, 26, you will get 1.6 Patch 1 included.
  • Fixed problems with generating images in 1.6 Final on java 1.4.x.   (List of fixed designs)
  • Fixed insignificant javascript error on SiteStudio Administration Panel
  • Fixed problems with paste feature in Rich Editor

SiteStudio 1.6 Final

  • Added new designs to the Business category:
    High Tech, Urban Philosophy, Business Time, Metallic, Business Circles, Digital World, Glassy, Fresh Look
  • Added two new Flash themes to the FlashSplash page in the business category with possibility to add JPEG images and sounds in the Flash theme of the FlashSplash pages in old-style business category
  • Added possibility to change font size and face for menu buttons in all designs, and for certain layouts - title font and header fonts in the SETTINGS tab.

SiteStudio 1.6 RC3

Note: H-Sphere owners will get SiteStudio updated with the H-Sphere Tomcat4 update.

  • Advanced full screen text/HTML Rich Editor (MS Word like browser-based text editor, for IE icon Internet Exlorer for Windows® users only)
  • Advanced easy-to-use settings for Image Gallery
  • New version of Image Uploader and Thumbnail Generator
  • Website easy recovery after site URL change (e.g. content move under H-Sphere)—by clicking <Refresh Images> button on the Site Setings page
  • New designs and bugfixes in the old designs

  • ONLY for stand-alone SiteStudio:
  • Multiple admins (means: now you can create resellers!) in the SiteStudio Admin Panel
  • Support for Tomcat 4
  • Free on-line demo installation included (provide it to your potential users)

Read more about SiteStudio 1.6RC3 features


SiteStudio 1.6 RC2

  • Add-A-Cart Catalog page added
  • Setting up own reseller account for Add-A-Cart page
  • Disabling Add-A-Cart page
  • Your own HTML page in the Small Bussines category
  • Several of new templates designed for small bussines category
  • Help/User manual updated
  • Defining your own TTF fonts for imaker to improve international language support
  • Robots.txt file implemented
  • Fixed "Generic error" page after removing page in SiteStudio

More about RC3 features


SiteStudio 1.6 RC1

Features and Improvements:

  • Rich editor (for Internet Explorer users only)
  • Sub-pages on the generic page
  • Invisible pages (pages not linked to site navigation menu)
  • Multi-language support (English/Russian)
  • New designs in personal and bussines categories

  • ONLY for stand-alone SiteStudio:
  • Checking data entered in the Admin panel
  • Moving user's site between user accounts.


  • SiteStudio fixed to use customer's real domain when instant alias is disabled
  • Upload to gallery fixed
  • Plans update problem fixed (Stand-alone SiteStudio)

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