SiteStudio Installation Request Wizard

Add value to your internet service by providing your customers with the industry's leading browser-based solution for website design and construction.

By filling the following Installation Request you can submit the information to Positive Software Corporation to provide the installation of SiteStudio for your server. When you fill it, you can specify Trial or Multi-user and On-Line Demo installation, as well as you can denote integration with your Control Panel (like PLESK, Cpanel, Ensim; note: if you have H-Sphere, you need to fill this request ONLY for On-Line Demo). The installation fee of $75 is non-refundable. (Please see Pricing section for details).

Please notice, entries marked with * in the following forms are obligatory.

SiteStudio can be installed in single-user (trial) or multi-user mode.

SiteStudio can be installed either on your current web server, if it has a servlet running engine, or without any web server, using TOMCAT servlet running engine.

You don't need to have a servlet running engine on your server. The SiteStudio installation includes Tomcat or JServ.

Multi-user installation and plugin integration (like Counter, Poll, Guestbook) both require a JDBC accessible database (e.g. postgres or mysql for UNIX, and Access or another DB for Windows'9x/NT) to store data. To use SiteStudio plug-ins under Windows, you need to have MS SQL server installed.

If you don't integrate SiteStudio with a hosting panel, for instance Plesk, you will get a web based Admin Panel. SiteStudio doesn't have signup and billing features, so if you need them, make your own CGI script or use external hosting system, e.g. H-Sphere where SiteStudio is included.

By default SiteStudio is installed on port 8080 and On-Line Demo on 18080. So, if you already have a web server installed, the installation of SiteStudio won't require any downtime of you main webserver. But if you need to install SiteStudio on port 80, we'll need to install a servlet engine to you server, which will take about 2-3 hours of downtime. If you already have a servlet engine installed we'll need to reconfigure and restart it.

PLEASE NOTE! Setting up new software may affect the operability of your server, thus there must not be any production software running. Positive Software takes no responsibility for any hardware and/or software failures that may occur during installation.

Thank you for the interest in our products.

If you have any questions, please e-mail us.

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