Requesting SiteStudio Support

Before contacting us for support, please search SiteStudio FAQ for a solution to your problem.

In your support request, please specify your type of SiteStudio:

  • standalone (i.e. managed through SiteStudio Admin Panel)
  • integrated with H-Sphere
  • integrated with third-party control panel (specify which one CPanel, Plesk, Ensim)

Generally, your support request should contain the following:

  • Version of SiteStudio
  • SiteStudio URL
  • Access (login and password) to your server
  • IP addresses of the problem servers, if applicable
  • Symptoms of the problem with examples
  • How to replicate the problem if it repeats
  • Related error messages from your web interface, support center, and log files
  • The documentation you have followed (give quotes where necessary)

Specifically for owners of H-Sphere-integrated SiteStudio:

  • H-Sphere CP URL;
  • Problem user account;
  • An account that can be tested.

Examples of support requests:

Example 1 (stand-alone SiteStudio):

Hello support,
I have recently had SiteStudio installed. My login data:
CP URL: ...
login and password: ...
Root password: ...
Problem website: ...
Problem description: Uploaded images don't appear on the website, even though I have followed the FAQ to resolve the problem.

Example 2 (H-Sphere-integrated SiteStudio):

Hello support,
My customer examplehosting created a website using SiteStudio. My control panel login data:
H-Sphere CP URL: ...
CP admin password: ...
Affected account: 3143.
Problem description: my demo of site builder no longer works and we have just noticed it.

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