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SiteStudio Trial Version

There are certain differences between trial and full versions of SiteStudio:

  1. License Limit. You can use trial version for 30 days. When this period expires, you have to remove our software from your box or contact to buy the full version.
  2. The amount of templates is limited. All the design templates are available in full version and on our on-line demo.
  3. Only one user is supported: no databases, no user administration.
  4. No SiteStudio Admin panel included.
  5. SiteStudio plug-ins (such as Counter, Guest-book and Poll) are not supported (because of no databases).
  6. Sending e-mails (on Survey page and Contact Us form) is not supported.
  7. Trial version has only 10 design templates, not all of the available in full SiteStudio version.

Note: If you choose to integrate SiteStudio with a hosting control panel (like PLESK, CPanel, Ensim etc.), you won't have SiteStudio Admin Panel even in the full version, because user data will be retrieved from the control panel database. There is no way you can integrate SiteStudio with an external control panel and use SiteStudio Admin Panel.

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