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Switching SiteStudio to other port than 8080

This document will tell you how to switch SiteStudio to some other port than 8080. Note: Before the procedure, make sure the port you want to switch to is not engaged by some other software.

To switch SiteStudio to another port:

  1. Stop SiteStudio
  2. Replace all instances of 8080 with your port value in all <SiteStudio_dir>/studio/WEB-INF/classes/psoft_config/*.properties files, especially in:
    and in


    You can perform this step by running the setup script and answering the prompted questions if it's difficult to make changes in several files at once.
  3. Replace 8080 in the <SiteStudio_dir>jakarta/conf/server.xml file with your port.
  4. Start SiteStudio.

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