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SiteStudio Installation on Windows®

This document DOESN'T refer to SiteStudio integrated with H-Sphere. It describes installation of SiteStudio as a standalone or integrated with Plesk, Ensim or other non-psoft CPs. If you have H-Sphere installed, you ALREADY have SiteStudio integrated with it.

Before installing SiteStudio you must create the databases to store account data and other information. With the first launch of SiteStudio, the configuration program will prompt you for the database name or any other data source.

- Creating Database for SiteStudio
- SiteStudio Installation Step-by-step


Creating Database for SiteStudio

To create database for SiteStudio follow the instruction:

  1. Reconfigure SiteStudio by running the following command: studio.bat setup or setup.bat
  2. Create databases.
    MySQL,PostgreSQL and MS-SQL Server databases and ODBC data sources are supported.
    • To create databases in MySQL, run the following command: mysqladmin createdb <DB_NAME>
      (Note: make sure you've granted permissions for ALL MySQL databases that SiteStudio will use as desribed in SiteStudio Installation on Linux Document)
    • To create databases in PostgreSQL, run the following command: createdb <DB_NAME>
      Note: If you cannot create database, follow the instructions in the attached manuals for MySQL/PostgreSQL.
    • If you have MS-SQL Server installed, create the database for SiteStudio with "Enterprise Manager".
    • Create ODBC data source. Remember that ODBC data source can be created only by a user with administrator privileges. To create ODBC data source:
      • Open the ODBC data sources Administrator:
              - for Windows® NT 4.0, go to Control Panel->Data Sources (ODBC)
              - for Windows® 2000/XP, go to Control Panel->Administrative Tools->Data Sources (ODBC)
              (Note: for XP Switch Control Panel to Classic View if necessary)
      • Select the System DSN tab and click the Add... button.
      • When the Create New Data Source window appears, select the required driver and click the Finish button.
      • In the ODBC Setup window enter the <Data Source Name>, click the Select... (to select source) or Create... (to create source) button. Click the Advanced... button and in the window that appears enter <Login name> and <Password>.
      • Close all windows by clicking the OK button.

SiteStudio comes with "counter","guestbook","poll" plugins which require "counter", "guestbook" and "poll" databases or data sources.

NOTE: If you haven't created these databases (sources) in the configuration program, you need to enter "yes" when asked: "Do you want to install plugins?".


SiteStudio Installation Step-by-step

  1. Make sure you have installed JDK 1.3 or 1.4.x. You can download it from this location:
  2. Go to <SiteStudio directory> and run the studio.bat file.
  3. The first time you run SiteStudio, the configuration program sets SiteStudio parameters. Answer the prompted questions.
    NOTE: to reconfigure SiteStudio, run: setup.bat or studio.bat setup command.
  4. To access SiteStudio, you have to add new account(s). To do it, open your browser and type in its address field:
    You will see the Admin panel. Enter it with login: admin and password: admin.
  5. After you entered Admin panel, click the Create table icon. Then click the Add user icon to create new user(s).
  6. To open SiteStudio, type: http://<your_IP_or_domain_name>:8080/servlet/psoft.masonry.Builder in the address field of your browser.
    For example, on the local host the URL can look like this: http://localhost:8080/servlet/psoft.masonry.Builder
  7. The on-line demo similar to ours is available at http://<your_IP_or_domain_name>:8080/demo/
  8. Note: Please, point you potential clients to your SiteStudio demo, not to ours, because our demo might have a different SiteStudio version than yours.
  9. To stop SiteStudio, simply close the window.

If any questions appear, please contact us. Please include the file and corresponding parts of error logs, if any, to your request.

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