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Integrating Add-A-Cart with SiteStudio

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This guide will help you to integrate products generated from Add-A-Cart to your website created in Site Studio. All material in this document is copyright of One Stop Merchant Services. Any unauthorized copy of the document in full or in part is prohibited without the prior consent of the Author. Please contact for any further queries you may.

Step 1.

Launch SiteStudio. You are presented with three choices by Site Studio to make changes in your website. Click the Add A Page icon on top of the Administrative Panel of Site Studio:

Step 2.

You will be taken to a new page with default templates for pages that you can create in Site Studio. Select Catalog Page and click Next:

Step 3.

Click the Add button:

Once you click the Add Button, a text entry box will appear:

Step 4.

Now go to and log into your account using your AddACart ID and password.

Step 5.

Click the Add New Product button on the left:

Step 6.

Enter the name and cost of your product on this page. You may also add the following optional information:

  • A short description
  • A long description
  • Categories and sub categories providing you have already created them
  • Weights, sizes and other specialized shipping information

Step 7.

Choose the Site Studio button option then click the Add Item button:

Step 8.

Click the Copy to Clipboard button after scrolling down:

Step 9.

Paste the code you copied from AddACart into the text entry box. Choose Select Image if you want to display an image of your product. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Next:

Step 10.

Click Add to add another product to the page. You can create multiple catalog pages with multiple products on a page by repeating the steps outlined above. Click Next to view the catalog page you created:

Step 11.

Click the Add to Cart button to make sure everything worked correctly:




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