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FAQ Revised: Thursday 04 January 2007

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1. General Questions

1. General Questions

1.1. I have switched to dedicated IP and my images are now gone.
Go to the SiteStudio settings page, click the Refresh Images link, and republish the site.

1.2. Can I build a site with Site Studio and then edit it with FrontPage?
Yes, but then you won't be able to edit it with SiteStudio any more.

1.3. I edited my site with FrontPage. Why am I having problems with it now?
The problem is that FrontPage corrupts files with security settings. This is why it is strongly recommended to avoid using FrontPage for editing sites created with SiteStudio.

1.4. I'm using the Screens design. How can I insert images into the frames on the left? I see the images inserted here on the design preview.
You need to insert only 1 image that will be fitted vertically into these frames. You can set it via Site Settings -> Global Settings -> Logo image.

1.5. I've lost my access data for SiteStudio. Could you give me the correct URL (login/password)?
Unfortunately, we cannot answer that question. Eeach hosting provider has a different URL for their SiteStudio. Please contact your hosting provider.

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