Requesting SiteStudio Support

Before contacting us for support, please search SiteStudio FAQ for a solution to your problem.

We don't provide reseller or end user support. If you are a hosting reseller or a webhosting client, please, contact your hosting provider.

You can request SiteStudio general support and SiteStudio migration/installation/update.

To request SiteStudio support:

  1. Add Psoft Public Key
  2. Positive Software has improved support policy of accessing customer CP servers. Therefore, before contacting support for help, please follow the below procedure:

    1. Download ssh public key (or copy it from the screen) and put it as a new line at the bottom of the /root/.ssh/authorized_keys2 file on your CP server.
      Note: the directory /root/.ssh must have 700 permissions and the file authorized_keys2 600 permissions set.

    2. Note: Make sure the key is inserted as one line!

    3. Contact support department with the issue. Please, provide only IP of your server, and don't specify passwords.
    4. Once issue is solved, you can remove this key from the authorized_keys2 file. Please check this key because it will be changed periodically!

    If you want our techs to use sudo or su to gain root, install the key under the user that is remotely accessible, and provide exact instructions on gaining root.

    Highly recommended: configure SSH to allow access only from known hosts. i.e: Psoft support hosts, your trusted hosts and subnets. Also this file should contain at least CP server IP (on a physical server in cluster). See an example of the /etc/hosts.allow file with predefined Psoft hosts. Replace the existing file on your server(s) with the one downloaded and add your data. Please edit it carefully!

  3. Contact support through our Support System and provide the following data:

    Generally, your support request should contain the following:

    • Your type of SiteStudio
      • standalone (i.e. managed through SiteStudio Admin Panel)
      • integrated with H-Sphere
      • integrated with third-party control panel (specify which one CPanel, Plesk, Ensim)
    • Version of SiteStudio
    • SiteStudio URL
    • IP addresses of the problem servers, if applicable
    • Symptoms of the problem with examples
    • How to replicate the problem if it repeats
    • Related error messages from your web interface, support center, and log files
    • The documentation you have followed (give quotes where necessary)

    Specifically for owners of H-Sphere-integrated SiteStudio:

    • H-Sphere CP URL;
    • Problem user account;
    • An account that can be tested.

    Examples of support requests:

    Example 1 (stand-alone SiteStudio):

    Hello support,
    I have recently had SiteStudio installed. My login data:
    CP URL: ...
    Problem website: ...
    Problem description: Uploaded images don't appear on the website, even though I have followed the FAQ to resolve the problem.

    Example 2 (H-Sphere-integrated SiteStudio):

    Hello support,
    My customer examplehosting created a website using SiteStudio. H-Sphere CP URL: ...
    Affected account: 3143.
    Problem description: my demo of site builder no longer works and we have just noticed it.

SiteStudio Migration/Installation/Update

If you need to migrate or update SiteStudio, go to SiteStudio Request Wizard.

Provide the target server info through the wizard steps. Specify source server IP and access info on the "Comments" step of the wizard.

See our pricing page for support prices.

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