Requesting Support

Software Installation/Upgrade Request

Please follow the sysadmin guide to install or upgrade many supported packages without assistance from Psoft.

Alternatively, we are offering software installation services at $25/hour. Installation of some packages is free for priority customers.

To request a software installation, please contact support and provide the following data:

  1. CP URL
  2. Account ID in my-hsphere
  3. The version of the package to be installed
  4. The official page of the product
  5. A link to documentation on this product
  6. The IP of the target server
  7. Preferred configuration
  8. Preferred installation time. This must be not earlier than in 48 hours after submitting the request. Installations are not performed on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays. It is also advisable that you stay available during the installation process.
  9. Any other information applicable to your particular situation.

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