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General Support Request

Before contacting support, please search our documentation for a solution to your problem. If you can't find the answers, check with our forum. To ensure prompt resolution of your problems, give a clear and detailed description of the situation. A correctly asked question contains half of the answer.

Make sure to describe different problems in different e-mails or trouble tickets, as they are most likely to be answered by different support representatives. Also, please understand that our support staff rotates every day, and the person who is dealing with your problem today may not be the one who answered you yesterday - which is why we don't provide phone or icq support.

In your support request please specify who you are so we can identify you using our customer database. If you are a reseller, please contact your hosting provider first, and if they have been unable to help you, contact us giving the name of your provider and their reply to you. We don't support end users.

Your support request should contain the following:

  • Your control panel URL
  • Your admin CP and CP server root passwords if they have been changed
  • The exact version of your H-Sphere
  • IP addresses of the problem servers, if applicable
  • Problem user/reseller accounts, if applicable
  • Passwords to the problem user packages or services such as FrontPage, MySQL databases, etc.
  • Symptoms of the problem, examples
  • Related error messages from your web interface, support center, and log files
  • Related screenshots of the cp interface
  • Document URL you are using as the basis for instruction (give quotes where necessary)

Following are examples of general support requests:

Example 1:

Hello support,
I have recently had H-Sphere installed. My control panel login data:
CP URL: ...
CP admin password: ...
Root password: ...
Problem description: Disk quota in my customers' control panels is 0 and they can't change it.
Affected accounts: 1056, 1132, 2243 and 2308.
Screenshots of user control panels attached.

Example 2:

Hello support,
My reseller examplehosting has billing problems with one of his customers. My control panel login data:
CP URL: ...
CP admin password: ...
Affected account: 2308.
Problem description: The customer signed up on 1/1/2003 and paid the normal monthly fee. On 15 Jan 2003, he reached the traffic limit of 7.5GB. He should be charged for all the bandwidth from 15 Jan till 31 Jan at the overusage rate. However, February 1st, he got charged the normal monthly fee again. The fee for overusage bandwidth was not charged as it should have been according to your documentation at

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