Centralized Control

You can handle all your Windows and Unix servers from one place. H-Sphere control panel provides a comprehensive web interface to manage all your servers, plans, accounts, and settings.


Intuitive Plan Wizards

H-Sphere wizards will help you to create and edit hosting plans step by step. They make it easy to add or remove resources, set or edit prices, and configure other plan parameters.


Integrated support center

Customers can report their problems without leaving their control panel by means of enhanced Trouble Ticket System.

Incoming trouble tickets can be picked up by or assigned to different tech support members. You can search and sort trouble tickets, keep them on hold, send to multiple users, add attachments


Multiple skins for users

Customers can choose between multiple designs:
- Default Left Menu design with menu-based navigation;
- XPressia and XPressia Light design with an unfolding navigation menu;
- No Menu design with icon-based navigation.

Moreover, you can set your own scheme and color settings: choose icon set, text and button colors and more.


Multiple accounts per one user

H-Sphere provides a three-tier system of accounts. The first tier is the user, which corresponds to a Unix or Windows account. The second tier is the account proper; this is what counts when you pay for H-Sphere licenses. One user can have several accounts, which allows a user to subscribe both to a Windows plan and to a Unix plan. The third tier is the domain, which corresponds to one site. A user can host several sites within one account.


Ability to change account settings

From their control panels, users can change their plan, billing period, billing profile, disk quota and traffic.


User friendly invoice format

The readability of user invoices has been significantly improved. Invoices contain explanations to almost every item they are charged for.


Complete set of web hosting tools

User control panel comes with a complete range of tools a customer may need to create, configure, launch, and promote a website. These include:
- SiteStudio website builder;
- WebShell, a web-based file manager;
- web statistics analyzers: Webalizer, Urchin, AWStats and ModLogan;
- Kanoodle website promotion tool;
- a password protection utility;
- website registration with major search engines.

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