Full-featured admin control panel

Resellers act as completely independent hosting providers, while selling your resources. Each reseller gets an independent admin control panel, which gives them the power to create their own plans, provide customer support, edit customer e-mail notifications from H-Sphere control panel and perform all other administrative tasks.


Complete branding

Resellers can have their own CP URL, DNS server names, company information, corporate logos and all other parameters visible from the user's control panel. Resellers appear to end customers as totally independent hosting providers. Furthermore, reseller control panels are inaccessible by IP, which excludes the possibility of accidental or intentional visits to your control panel.


Independent Billing

Billing for Resellers is a completely independent system. Resellers also have plan wizards to create plans with their own prices for each individual resource, including setup, recurrent, and extra fees. Also, it's resellers who decide whether to offer trial hosting and how many free units will be included in their plans, create various payment intervals with discounts for each type of fee, debit and credit individual accounts, set fees for additional services, etc.

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