Windows and Unix/Linux hosting

H-Sphere supports both Unix/Linux and Windows-based hosting. Following are resources supported only on either platform:

Unix/Linux Windows
Error, Referrer, and Agent Logs
Modlogan Resource
Throttle Resource
Crontab and Shell Access
Server Side Imagemap
Virtual FTP
FTP sub-account


Hosting on Shared and Dedicated IPs

You can provide both virtual (shared IP) and IP-based (dedicated IP) hosting at the same time. Users can switch between the two options with one mouse click.


MySQL, MS SQL and PostgreSQL hosting

Users can create and manage databases on your server from any computer with internet connection. Access to the databases can be shared with other internet users, each with a different set of permissions for every database.


Miva and OsCommerce Shopping Cart support

When creating an online store, users can choose between a commercial solution (Miva) or a freeware product (OsCommerce). Importantly, H-Sphere reuses Miva licenses, which means you don't pay for what you are not using!


RealMedia hosting for Windows and Unix

With complete automation, RealMedia hosting has been made as easy as plain HTML site maintenance.


No domain hosting

Users can register accounts without domains.


Sub-domains with functionalities of regular domains

Subdomains in H-Sphere are as powerful as regular domains. They support the same services and can be hosted on dedicated IPs.


Shared and Anonymous FTP Access

Users can share access to their home directory with friends, relatives and colleagues. Permissions to each directory can be configured individually for every FTP user.

H-Sphere also allows for anonymous FTP access to individual directories. This comes handy when a user chooses to allow unrestricted access to certain files using FTP connection.


Error Document management

H-Sphere significantly simplifies the procedure of creating and configuring HTML error documents that are shown to internet visitors when a page fails to be found or to be displayed correctly.


Shared SSL support

You can install one shared SSL certificate to secure all your customers with third level domains. Certificates are installed through the control panel web interface.


CGI Script Manager

Users can install and uninstall generic CGI scripts in their accounts with a single mouse click in the control panel.


Affiliate Programs

H-Sphere allows you to use up to five affiliate program scripts to track user signups.

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