Variety of Payment Methods

Customers can pay for hosting services with credit cards, checks and via web-based payment providers: WorldPay, PayPal, 2CheckOut, GestPay, PaySystems and PayNova.


Setup, Recurrent, And Overlimit Prices

Every hosting resource has a setup, recurrent and overlimit price, different for each billing period. This allows for flexible pricing policies.



You can apply taxes, such as VAT, to customer charges. Taxes are added to the summary invoice amounts.


Tax Exemption

You can wave individual customers from paying taxes. At signup, tax exemption code is entered, then approved or rejected by administrator.


Email Invoicing

With email invoicing enabled, H-Sphere will send invoices for every single bill entry, such as overlimit traffic or buying a resource. After signup, users can change this option for their accounts.



Administrator can view reports by selected accounts and periods, including:
  - Billing Balances - searches user accounts by balance and days in debt.
  - Estimated balance exhaustion date - calculates the date when user account runs out of positive balance.
  - Charge Log - shows the messages that H-Sphere exchanged with the Credit Card Online Processing Center.
  - Billing Entries - searches accounts by transactions performed over the specified time period.
  - Monetary Transaction - shows all payments made towards each account over the specified time period.
  - Transfer Traffic - shows how much traffic was used during certain period of time.
  - Disk Usage - searches accounts by the disk space used by the customers.
  - Reseller Traffic - shows transfer traffic used by resellers and their users, searches resellers accounts by traffic.
  - Reseller's User Disk Usage - shows disk space used by resellers and their users.
  - IP Addresses - searches accounts by the IP addresses.
  - ������ ��� ��������� ��������� �������� - ����� CC Processing Errors - shows the number of failed CC processing attempts.
  - Content Move - shows the results of moving virtual hosting between physical servers within the same H-Sphere cluster.


Managing Debtors

H-Sphere can be configured to notify, suspend and/or delete accounts of users that have been in debt over a specified period of time. Respective warnings are sent first. With it, account suspension doesn't remove any of client's resources or configuration.


Discounts For Different Billing Periods

You can create many billing periods within a plan for customers to choose from. In every billing period, you to set discounts for setup, recurrent, and overlimit prices. This way, you don't need to specify resource prices in each billing period.


Promotions For Plans

You can create promotion plans that grant flexible discounts for accounts. Discounts are provided via promo codes and unnamed promotions and calculated based on the full amount of charge.


Credit Limit

H-Sphere accumulates user fees up to a certain amount before credit card payment users get charged and check payment users get barred from buying more resources. Credit limit is set in the plan and can be increased (decreased) for individual accounts and reset for all users in the system in one go.


Billing Profiles

Users can create and switch between multiple billing profiles. One billing profile can be used for several accounts. Trial users don't have billing profiles.



H-Sphere allows complete refunds during the specified initial period and partial refunds after this period has expired. The duration of the period and refund percentage is configurable from the control panel. Only the latest billing period/month recurrent charges can be refunded, while as other charges can be returned by crediting accounts manually.


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