Allow your clients to accept credit cards

Positive Software, Authorize.Net and e-onlinedata are proud to bring you the Online AppTM, an Online Data Corp product. We specialize in helping companies like yours establish Internet Certified Merchant Accounts to securely accept credit cards both from Websites and telesales. Our secure Online AppTM gives you the ability to start accepting credit cards in real-time over the Internet INSTANTLY!

Resell merchant accounts, get 20% of the revenue
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Continuing Residuals

Receive ongoing monthly residual payments for every merchant you refer to us for as long as they use our service. The residual is paid on all revenue that is generated from the fees that your merchant pays on their account and on their gateway.

Look at what your client will get

  • Free Start Up
  • INSTANT Internet Certified Merchant Account for immediate transaction processing
  • Secure, encrypted, SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) real time processing Payment Gateway
  • Virtual Terminal for key entered telesales
  • Acceptance of all Major Credit Cards

Extremely competitive and guaranteed pricing:

  • 2.29% Discount Rate
  • Free Application Fee
  • $149.00 - setup fee;
  • $10.00 - Monthly Statement Fee
  • $15.00 per month - gateway fee for;
  • $0.30 - Authorization Fee
  • $0.10 per transaction - after 250 transactions per month;
  • $25.00 monthly - minimum residue on the account.

Internet Certified Merchant Account is ACTIVATED IMMEDIATELY:

  1. No Paperwork
  2. No site inspections
  3. All funds deposited into the commercial checking account of your choice
  4. 24/7 Customer Support
  5. Online reporting and real time management of your transactions

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