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EasyApp SDK descriptor

(version 2.4.3 and up)


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For each application you want to package via EasyApp SDK, you need to create a descriptor. Inside application directory create main.xml. The file starts with app tag.

There are several tags inside:

name the name of the project (alphanumeric), will be used as resource type in h-sphere
descriptionwill be used as resource description
version Application version
title label to use as a title of the application
intro label to use as basic decription/intro for the app
tarball name of the tarball/bundle within the application. File under the same name should be in application directory
sizedisk space that script requires, in MB
licenseattribute type="XXX" - specifies the license type, value specifies URL to the license. If known type is used, no url is necessary. Known types: GPL", "BSD", "MPL"
homepage url to application homepage
donationurl to donation page
documentationurl to documentation page
forumurl to support forum
logo image name - logo image, should be present in the application directory
variables list of configurational parameters/variables user will be prompted with during install/or when he wants to change parameters
install list of actions to perform during the installation of application; it can contain optional done tag that describes actions performed at the end of the installation, if any. It can include other tags:
  • iframe - link to the original installation page the user will be taken to at some stage of the installation. You can use this tag if it's too complicated to perform the entire procedure in H-Sphere.
  • access - gives link to application or its parts the user will be taken to after the installation is finished, e.g. page of the application's administrator.
change list of actions to perform on change
uninstall list of actions to perform on uninstall
upgrade attribute from="XXX" - where XXX is previously defined version. There can be multiple upgrade tags, from different versions. Inside upgrade tag, there is actions tag for actions to perform during upgrade. The tag is used to automate upgrades of the application
lang language files bundled with package.


  • Section <lang> - Specifies which lang file must be used for this application
  • Sections <install>,<remove> - Describes the actions that constitute install/uninstall of the application software.
  • Section <upgrade> - Used for possible autoupgrades, just like in <install>, <uninstall>, and <change>, but in the title requries the number of the version you upgrade from.
    Example:<upgrade from="2.9.7">

Here is an example of descriptor for Mambo server.

Related Docs:   Using EasyApp SDK

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